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  FEBRUARY 19, 2010
Loma Linda Works to Improve Health and Wellness in Malaysia

Living a healthier lifestyle features prominently in many people’s list of goals. Loma Linda University School of Public Health graduate, Dr. Yen Ang, has recently been striving to improve the lifestyles of all 950 employees at Penang Adventist Hospital in Malaysia through a wellness program and lifestyle intervention clinic.

“Malaysia now has one of the highest prevalence of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, comparable to, if not higher than, American statistics,” Dr. Ang explained.

Lifestyle is often the root of these conditions; therefore, Dr. Ang instituted the wellness program and lifestyle intervention clinic at the hospital, where she works as a health consultant. Eighty percent of the employees recently participated in a health risk appraisal that included tests, such as blood work and weighing. Based on each individual’s risks, Dr. Ang will direct people through an appropriate lifestyle program.

The hospital held an event on January 17, 2010 to launch these new workplace wellness measures, which government officials and members of the press attended. Also in attendance was Dean David Dyjack of Loma Linda University School of Public Health.

Dean Dyjack and Dr. Ang teamed up with Dr. Edward Nathan, another Loma Linda graduate, to offer a workplace wellness conference on January 21, 2010, attended by 110 people representing about 60 companies and the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

“Workplace wellness is high in everybody’s mind there because companies are trying to do the right thing by their employees,” Dean Dyjack said.

While in Malaysia, Dean Dyjack also established positions for two students to rotate through Penang Adventist Hospital—one spot in the wellness clinic for preventive care students, the other with the chief financial officers for students studying health care administration.

During his trip to Asia, Dean Dyjack visited with administrators from Hong Kong’s Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital to begin establishing a relationship between those facilities and the Loma Linda University School of Public Health.