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  MARCH 05, 2010
March Photos-of-the-Month: Focus on Earthquake Recovery

With the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January and the recent massive earthquake in Chile, public health has played an important role in responding to the disasters and helping victims recover and rebuild. The March Photos-of-the-Month, both submitted by deans from member schools of public health, depict examples of recovery efforts in Haiti and highlight the ways in which the schools of public health can contribute to the public health response during this type of natural disaster. View this month's photos below:

March Photo #1: Disinfection of the Hospital Potable Water Distribution System

disinfecting water

Photo submitted by: Dean David Dyjack, Loma Linda University School of Public Health. Mr. Jesse Bliss (left), director of the Loma Linda University Center for Public Health Preparedness, and Dean Dyjack measure the volume of a cistern in Haiti in preparation to disinfect the system. This tank is the sole water source for Adventist Hospital of Haiti in the Carrefour region of Port-au-Prince. Loma Linda University has had public health professionals on the ground in Haiti off and on since January 21, 2010 cooperating with NGOs to coordinate relief for tens of thousands of internally displaced people.

March Photo #2: Time Stands Still

haiti clock

Photo taken by: Dean Michael G. Perri, University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions. A University of Florida team of public health and medical professionals, led by Dean Perri, traveled to Haiti the week following the January 12, 2010 earthquake to provide medical care, supplies and assessment of short-term and long-term public health needs for the Christianville community in Gressier, about 15 miles west of Port-au-Prince. Dean Perri took this photo of a group of children in the courtyard of the Christianville school holding a clock that stopped at the time the earthquake struck. 

“The picture is all the more poignant when you learn that the parents of some of the kids in the photo are still ‘missing,’” Dean Perri said.

The University of Florida team plans to continue their work in Haiti with projects focused on nutrition and health promotion for the children of Christianville school, sanitation and clean water, psychological support and detection and prevention of malaria.

For more information on the schools’ of public health response to the earthquake, visit

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