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  JANUARY 27, 2012
Loma Linda SPH Reenergizes its Research Strategy

The Loma Linda University School of Public Health is restructuring its research approach in order to increase new findings that improve people’s lives. Loma Linda’s interest lies in areas where the school offers something unique to the scientific community due to Loma Linda University’s historical emphasis on the impact lifestyle can have on health.

"I am personally very excited for what I'm sure will be a new era in research for our school," says Dean Tricia Penniecook. "We look forward to redesigning our infrastructure and continuing to develop a strong research agenda that is relevant to society’s needs."

A key piece of the strategy is the appointment of Dr. Gary Fraser to the new position of associate dean for research. For decades, he has been at the forefront of the university’s research as principal investigator of the federally funded Adventist Health Studies. Additionally, Dr. Pramil Singh, associate professor of epidemiology and global health, is now also director of the school’s Center for Health Research. Together, they are designing a new vision for research.

"We have something special to offer the world through our research," says Dr. Fraser, "particularly regarding how lifestyle drives good health. With this new concerted approach, we plan to link our departments better to further maximize our discoveries."