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  FEBRUARY 29, 2008
ASPH Announces Winners of “This is Public Health” Campaign Challenge

ASPH is pleased to announce the winners of the first ASPH-sponsored “This is Public Health” Campaign Challenge.    ASPH received many thoughtful and exciting proposals.  All the proposals were reviewed and scored by a review panel and the top 19 scoring proposals were funded.  ASPH would like to thank all of those that submitted proposal and, in particular, the members of the review committee, including Dean Max Michael (UAB), Ms. Katie Bowler (Tulane), Ms. Terri Mellow (Michigan), Ms. Kristy Siegel (USF) and ASPH staff for their time and efforts. 

In future Friday Letters, ASPH will be announcing the student activities leading up to National Public Health Week.


The Campaign Challenge awardees are:

  • Boston University School of Public Health “Public Health: In Real Time”
    Students: Mahsa Abassi, Natalie Dell, Kian Merchant-Borna, Jonathan Payne, Brooke Reese and Lydia Shaw
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Wendy Heiger-Bernays

  • Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Public Health Doctoral Students Association “This is Public Health: A Promotional Video for the Recruitment and Retention of Public Health Practitioners”
    Students: Gabriel Galindo, Benjamin Mason Meier and Brooke S. West
    Faculty Sponsor
    : Dr. Ian Lapp

  • Drexel University School of Public Health “Climate Change, Your Health, Your Home, Your Neighborhood. Open Access for All to Ask, Learn, and Participate”
    Students: Soniya Barde, Leigh-Anna K. Pitts, and Amber L. Trout
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marcus Kolb

  • Drexel University School of Public Health “Philadelphia: Our City. Our Love. Our Public Health”
    Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Lisa Bowleg, Dr. Allison Karpyn

  • Emory University Rollins School of Public Health “Public Health in Action Scavenger Hunt”
    Student:  Lauren Suarez
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Levinson

  • Emory University Rollins School of Public Health “Win-Win-Win: Promoting Healthy, Sustainable, and Climate Change-Friendly Behaviors in the Atlanta Community”
    Student: Micah Hahn
    Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Stanley Foster

  • George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services “This is Public Health. Photo Contest for Teens in the District of Columbia
    Student: Alison Shaffer
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mary Pat McKay

  • Ohio State University College of Public Health “Spring Into Preventive Care during National Public Health Week”
    Students: Lisa Frazier, Kristina Jackson, Christine O’Malley, Jake Snoble, Laura Yodice
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randi Love

  • Saint Louis University School of Public Health “This is Public Health Campaign”  
    Students: Katie Coniglio, Lori Garibay, Yolonda Lahren, Tim O’Neil, Laura Runnels, Melody Simchera, June Smith, Allison Sweet and Nick White
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Nancy Murphy-Culbert

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health “The Amazing Public Health Race”
    Students: Julie Suzuki-Crumly, Kartikey B. Acharya, Anna K. Carrigan, Heather G. Christensen, Rebecca Vincent and Sarah M. Watson
    Faculty Sponsor: Dean Max Michael

  • University of Albany School of Public Health “We Are Public Health: A Public Health Awareness Campaign” 
    Students:  Katherine Campbell, Scott Coley, Lindsay Miller, Scott Quarrier, James Roth, Christina Winski and Laurie Young
    Faculty Sponsor: Dean Philip Nasca

  • University of California at Los Angeles School of Public Health “1st Annual Public Health Week Open House”
    Students: Mona Au Young, Rosa Calva, Brian Chen, Mekeila Cook, Lindsay Gervacio, Daniel Healy, Tracy Line, Philip Massey, Shilpa Narayan,  Angie Otiniano, and Mayra Yniguez 
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Antronette Yancy

  • University of Iowa College of Public Health “This is Public Health: Get the Picture”
    Students: Hana Hinkle, Christine Hradek, Meredith McKean, Lindsey Sirowy, Erica Spies, and Laura Swingen
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mary Aquilino

  • University of Kentucky College of Public Health “This is Public Health Campaign Challenge”
    Students: Anna Barry, Chloe Buckholtz, Marc Burress, Timothy Crawford, Katy Heneghan, Kashiwa Hereford, Hannah Holsinger, Afton Jackson, Heather Prentice, Jessica Rinsky and Ashley Tillman
    Faculty Sponsor: Paulette Johnson

  • University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences “The Commonwealth for Public Health”
    Student: Janelle Lefebvre
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. A. Scott LaJoie

  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Public Health “This is Public Health Campaign Challenge”
    Students:  Jie Li and Beniam Biftu
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lynn Waishwell

  • University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health “Picture This: Public Health in Pittsburgh
    Students: John Baird and Emile Delestienne
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sandra Quinn

  • University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Public Health “Promoting Public Health by Increasing Awareness and Diversifying the Field”
    Students: Gladys J. Jiménez-Torres, Zuhaydi Martínez-Martínez, Frances M. Mejías-Santiago, Carlos A. Otero-Rivera  
    Faculty Sponsor: Marcilyn Colón Colón and Mayra E. Santiago-Vargas

  • University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health “The Role of Public Health in Promoting A Healthy Environment”
    Students: Nancy L. Chase, Gregory M. Dominick, Ella Ashley Fleming, Diana Marques, Stacy W. Smallwood, Leanne S. Bailey, Manju Tanwar, Amy Trepal, and Helene Vilme
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Daniela Friedman