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  APRIL 19, 2013
East Tennessee Student Awarded National Research Council Research Associateship Award

Dr. Lok Pokhrel, who is graduating with a PhD in environmental health (specialized in nanotoxicology) from the East Tennessee State University College of Public Health, is a recipient of an NRC/U.S. EPA Research Associateship award, 2013. Dr. Pokhrel will be joining the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency laboratory in Corvallis, Oregon soon after his graduation in May. His research will explore the mechanistic basis of nanomaterials’ toxicity, which has baffled the scientific community for more than a decade due to its nano-scale size and the lack of direct measurement tools for characterizing man-made nanomaterials.

Dr. Phillip Scheuerman, professor of environmental health, and Dr. Brajesh Dubey, former faculty member at the College, are Dr. Pokhrel’s supervisors for his PhD research. Dr. Pokhrel’s dissertation research was supported in part by the East Tennessee State University Research Development Committee Grant and the Research Grant from the Office of Research and Sponsored Program to B. Dubey.

With an aim to bring outstanding young doctoral recipients to the federal laboratories as guest scientists, the National Research Council (NRC) was established in 1916 by the National Academy of Sciences to advise the federal government on issues related to science and technology.

The details of the NRC Research Associateship program can be found here.

[Photo: Dr. Lok Pokhrel]